Puffed snacks,
for pure pleasure!

Soufflé de maïs à la cacahuète Menguy's

Peanut and corn puffs
Time for nibbles!

Enjoy for the crunch of peanut and corn puffs with your pre-dinner nibbles!

Peanuts roasted in our ovens and then ground when coated to release all the flavours.

Menguy’s favours the natural taste of roasted peanuts and guarantees the absence of flavour enhancers and any other additives.

A recipe reworked to reduce the salt content while preserving the great roasted peanut taste and crunchy texture.

Generous size for pre-dinner nibbles with family or friends

Made in France

Origin : Corn harvested in France; peanuts harvested in Argentina or the USA


GMO-free cornmeal 64%, ground roasted peanuts 30%, sunflower oil, salt, pepper.
May contain traces of nuts, milk, wheat gluten, soya and mustard.

Soufflé de maïs à la cacahuète Menguy's


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for 100g

for 1 portion




Energy (kJ)1959498
Energy (kcal)467119
Fat (g)194.8
including saturated fatty acids (g)2.60.7
including sugars (g)2.40.6
Dietary fibre (g)41
Protein (g)133.4
Salt (g)1.60.4

* Recommended daily amount for a typical adult (8,400 kJ / 2,000 kcal).