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Puffed snacks

Cracky’s Cream & Oinon

Fancy a treat? Discover our latest creation: Cracky’s Cream & Onion. An exquisite taste of cream with a hint of onion and a light, crispy texture.

Let yourself be seduced by this new addition to the family of our delicious Menguy’s popcorn biscuits. Give in to temptation in an instant!


Popped popcorn

Discover our new look popcorns and the latest addition to the range this year: sweet and savoury.

A harmonious balance of sweet and savoury notes for even more indulgence!


Indian mix

Immerse yourself in the enchanting atmosphere of India with our new mix: the Indian mix. A delicious combination of crunchy biscuits, peas, roasted chickpeas and peanuts, enhanced by a curry flavour – an explosion of exotic flavours in a single bite!

And discover our Japanese and Spanish mixes in their brand new packaging


Green olives with Provençal herbs

Can you smell the delicious aroma of Provence?

Discover our brand new green olives with Provençal herbs, made in the South of France. Prepared and seasoned with care, they’re sure to delight lovers of aperitif olives.

Don’t delay, treat yourself to a taste experience in Provence.

And that’s not all! Our olives have been given a facelift with brand new packaging!

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