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Noix de Cajou grillées & salées Menguy's
Noix de Cajou grillées & salées Menguy's

Roasted and salted cashew nuts

Cashew nuts, the stars of your pre-dinner drinks! Their taste and crunchy texture can’t be beaten!

Also ideal for adding extra flavour to vegetable or chicken dishes, for example 😉

Menguy’s doesn’t use a deep fat fryer, instead we roast them in the oven to give you the best! Lightly salted.

And to preserve the great taste of cashew nuts as they come out of the oven, we chose vacuum packaging.

Made in France

Origin : Cashew nuts from Africa or Asia


Cashew nuts 94%, sunflower oil, salt.
May contain traces of nuts, wheat gluten and soy.

Noix de Cajou grillées & salées Menguy's
Noix de Cajou grillées & salées Menguy's


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for 100g

for 1 portion




Energy (kJ)2541626
Energy (kcal)613151
Fat (g)4912
including saturated fatty acids (g)9.42.3
including sugars (g)5.31.3
Dietary fibre (g)61.5
Protein (g)205
Salt (g)0.850.21

* Recommended daily amount for a typical adult (8,400 kJ / 2,000 kcal).

Source of fibre

Rich in magnesium, which contributes to :

  • reduce fatigue,
  • normal muscle function,
  • maintenance of normal teeth and bones.

Rich in phosphorus, which contributes to :

  • normal energy metabolism,
  • normal functioning of cell membranes
  • the maintenance of a normal bone structure.

Rich in copper, which contributes to :

  • normal skin and hair pigmentation,
  • to protect cells against oxidative stress,
  • the normal functioning of the immune system.

Sources : Base Ciqual 2020
RÈGLEMENT (UE) N o 432/2012 DE LA COMMISSION du 16 mai 2012