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Cocktail Olives à l'orientale
Cocktail Olives à l'orientale

Oriental Cocktail Olives
The Orient at your fingertips!

Feel the gentle languor of oriental music rising within you as you sample these green olives, combined with chickpeas and pieces of yellow pepper, all seasoned with the best spices of the South…

Our recipes are free from flavourings and flavour enhancers, thus guaranteeing the authentic flavours of the ingredients. For preservation, we have gone for a pickling liquid without synthetic acids, instead using lemon juice.

Made in France (Frontignan, 34)

Origin: Spanish Olives


Green olives (67%), chickpeas (20%), peppers, salt, spices and herbs (1.5%), olive oil.
Pickling liquid: water, concentrated lemon juice.
Pasteurised product.
Possible traces of lupin, sulphites, fish and nuts.

Cocktail Olives à l'orientale
Cocktail Olives à l'orientale


These olives are nicely spiced and meaty: a real journey for the taste buds!
Stéphanie G.

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for 100g

for 1 portion




Energy (kJ)444223
Energy (kcal)10854
Fat (g)9.84.9
including saturated fatty acids (g)1.70.9
including sugars (g)0.50.3
Dietary fibre (g)6.53.3
Protein (g)1.70.9
Salt (g)2.51.25

* Recommended daily amount for a typical adult (8,400 kJ / 2,000 kcal).